Quality and risk management policy

Quality policy

Laboratorio BS S.r.l. decided to commit itself to realize a Quality Policy directed toward Company development and customer’s satisfaction.
This Policy is necessary to formalize the objectives and the commitments, that are to be achieved.
The concrete basis of this choice are as follows:

  • Every effort will be made to provide our Customers products and services, of such Quality to satisfy their requests, investing in a high level of technology and innovation of the production process.
  • This Quality will be defined by the value, our Customers give to our products and services, including prices and on-time deliveries.
  • We aim to offer our Customers a greater value than our competitors’.

In view with the above, the Company commits itself to pursue the following macro-objectives:

  1. Keeping our own position in the market, providing quality as requested by customers and needed for product functioning,
  2. Researching of innovative solutions in terms of finishing of metal and plastic surfaces, (innovative optical inserts of nanometer precision, for various types of lenses to be applied to new light sources such as LEDs, CIPLEDs, NANO-LEDs, as well as collimating lenses suitable for concentrating sunlight, and mirrors for the aerospace sector);
  3. Develop the level of technology and innovation of own optical process in order to machines the optics on aluminum, brass, copper and directly on PC, PMMA plates and construction of optical inserts with nanometric finishing directly on hardened steel ;
  4. Providing objective data of surface measurements to the customers
  5. Involve and make the staff aware about the culture of quality management.


To put these commitments into effect, Laboratorio BS S.r.l. decided to adopt a Quality Management System, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 requirements.
The Top Management guarantees that the staff have awareness of the activities they perform and of their contribution to the achievement of quality objectives.

Risk management policy

The Top Management of Laboratorio BS S.r.l. aknowledges that business management process increasingly relies on supporting strategic and operational decisions through appropriate risk management systems, in order to maximize the opportunities and to minimize the adverse effects, from events or factors which have a potential impact on achieving the defined objectives; therefore, defines and plans the risk management process and its operational structure.
They also establish the authorities and responsibilities for process management, define verification methods and frequency and provide the necessary resources for a proper and adequate implementation of the process itself.
In addition, the Top Management fosters an appropriate culture of risk management and the integration of this process into the Organization; therefore they promote adequate information and disclosure of relevant information to all interested parties.

Reviewed and approved,
, 25th February 2021

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