• Laboratorio BS from Raveo Udine Italy

    It gives us a little bit of pride... to be able to contribute to Raveo’s notoriety just as the S-shaped biscuit has done for yearsand

  • BS laboratory prototyping of reflective lenses

    It’s strange how... the obvious difference that there is between a work of art and a mechanical component at times is insignificant

  • BS laboratory support and applications in the automotive sector

    We are very proud to have contributed to illuminating much of your roads.
    And... "Remember to keep a safe distance"

  • BS laboratory we work with nanometrocal tolerances

    It’s complex working with nanometers and we are able to do so.

LaboratorioBS, special lighting tool.

In the age of development and growth!

Design and Production


We specialize in the design and construction of high precision injection molding…


Our staff is composed of highly specialized experts...


We have high precision equipment for Nanotechnology Milling and Microfresing


Our services have applications in industries such as: Automotive, Lighting and Medical...

LaboratorioBS S.R.L.


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